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2020 Dec - 2022 Sep

Software Developer

By leveraging Django's backend REST API, we achieved an impressive success rate of around 90%, serving as a robust backbone for our mobile app and enhancing the efficiency of online orders across multiple branches. This seamless data flow minimized errors, elevating code quality and ensuring accurate order processing, thereby contributing to the system's exceptional success rate. Our implementation of a resilient REST API using Django facilitated communication over the local network, not only for Point of Sale (POS) orders but also inter-branch orders, effectively connecting various departments. Integrating this API with the mobile POS app notably increased productivity by 60%, streamlining order processing and reducing manual tasks. Consistent code reviews and adherence to best practices were upheld, maintaining superior code quality and industry-standard compliance.

Apr 2018 - Sep 2018


Junior Software Developer

I played a role in creating and sustaining software applications for loan management and portfolio tracking, employing technologies like Python and frameworks such as Django and React. Through collaboration with data scientists and analysts, we drove data-centric solutions that improved loan risk assessment and management. Additionally, I offered continuous support to deployed software, proactively addressing problems and enhancing system performance.

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Skills & Tools


  • Html, Css, Bootstrap, Ajax, JavaScript
  • Python Django
  • Php –  Laravel
  • Git & Github


  •  Flutter & Dart Programming
  • ReactJs
  • Java
7+ Years of Experience

My Skills


2016 - 2020

Aptech Certified Software Engineer

Aptech Computer Education

Algorithms and Data Structures , Computer Systems and Architecture, Programming Languages and Compilers, Software Engineering and Project Management.

2011- 2014

High School

Lohana High School

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Muha Hassan

Software Developer

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